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Product parameters

Processor:Dual core CPU processing

Support:Support LVDS/TTL display signal, support USB and SD card external data storage Upgrade: the program can be upgraded online

Upgrade:the program can be upgraded online

Record playback limit:30 days of record playback

Storage view:can store 1000 groups of alarm events, 12000 groups of non-invasive blood pressure events

Design:fanless design, dust-free, low energy consumption, improve machine life

Battery:Built-in high-capacity detachable rechargeable lithium battery

Function:with his bed observation, drug concentration calculation and standby protection

Extended upgrade:rich expansion interface, can be extended and upgraded at any time to reduce product update cost

Networking support:Match central monitoring system to support wireless/wired central networking

Description:LT-M10 multi-parameter monitor has basic six-parameter monitoring function, accurate and stable measurement, strong anti-interference ability, high quality monitoring, high cost performance, and meets the basic monitoring requirements of various departments.

10 inch monitor

Powerful module function

With ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, dual body temperature, respiratory measurement function, integrated design, independent isolation, in line with safety standards

Powerful module function

 Professional ECG algorithm
Professional ECG algorithm

Professional blood pressure measurement technology

Accurate measurement in conditions of weak perfusion and exercise, providing reliable measurement data for physician judgment

Professional digital blood oxygenation technology

15 kinds of arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis, lead automatic identification, more accurate ECG measurement monitoring

High measurement accuracy, small error, fast speed, improved measurement accuracy for special patients, sound/light/screen triple alarm