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Product parameters

Product model:LT-N400

Power supply:built-in lithium battery or USB

Residual liquid:≤0.5ml

Atomization rate:≥0.2ml/min

Particle distribution:median particle size of about 3.7um

Cup capacity:0.5mL- 8mL


Weight:about 100g (with battery)

Product size: length about 48mm * width about 43mm * height about 107mm

LT-N400  Nebulizer

Quiet and comfortable, care for the angel

Large amount of fog, fast speed, low residual amount

Quiet and comfortable, care for the angel

Small and light
Small and light

Go out and take it with you

One-button operation

Simple and safe

Multiple inhalation methods

Nozzle, mask

Operational steps

Food grade plastic material, safe and secure